Every third person gets fungal infection at least once in her/his life. We get in contact with fungi at every step, i.e. on all places where people walk barefoot: in pools, in saunas, fitness and SPA centers, etc. Fungi like warm weather and increased humidity of sweating skin, so the fungal infection frequently occurs in summer months and at the beginning of autumn - says Dr Vesna. Signs of fungal feet infections are usually red and thin cracks in the depth between the fourth and fifth finger, with whitish shell or boiled-looking skin. Medical feet pedicure includes local removal of epidermal scume, where the fungus is accumulated. If treatment does not start on time, fungus spreads and invades nails. The infection is characterized by yellowish color of nails, thickening and layered scroll. Infection can be caused by another type of fungus and in this case, nails are thicker and of greenish-black color. After non-traumatic (painless) removal of diseased nail with special augers, therapy includes local application of green tea and lavender oli. In this way, the patient is absolutely comfortable, since barbaric methods of pulling out nails are outdated. Unfortunately, patients usually come when the fungus spread from the initial stage and take over a large surface area, forgetting the national proverb “better safe than sorry”!


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