Dr VAIS centers in Belgrade, Nis and Skopje offer their patients modern anti-aging treatment which represents a combination of mesotherapy, hyaluronic filler and natural Botox. Combinations of various cocktails chosen by experienced doctor make small miracles which bring harmony back to your face.

Preparing skin for mesolift

After determining the skin condition by means of scannerscopic examination, doctors make a decision on the type and dynamics of skin rejuvenation treatment. In terms of diagnostics, it is necessary to exclude latent inflammations, fungal, bacterial and viral infections, psoriasis, skin tumors and other diseases which would be contraindicated to the application of mesolift therapy. Additionally, a doctor makes a decision on the type of hygiene-stimulating treatment which represents a certain type of preparation for mesolift therapy. Such treatment focuses on ultrasonic, biological, enzyme or mechanical peeling which removes surface layer of the skin, facilitates penetration of mesolift cocktail and enables better absorption by stimulating microcirculation.


mezolift 01

What does the treatment look like?

The treatment implies subcutaneous application of cocktails which are based on hyaluronic acid, glycerol, peptides, amino acids, vitamins and numerous antioxidants. Additionally, there is a possibility of fixing wrinkles by means of specially designed cocktail which represents a synergy of several natural substances which imitate Botox, and is thus called natural Botox.

What is mesolift used for?

Indication for the application of this treatment is sagged skin along the chin line, deep wrinkles and fine lines on forehead, around eye and lip area. After one treatment, the skin is renewed on cellular level, rehydrated, radiant and firm, and wrinkles and fine lines are almost invisible.

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What to do after mesolift?

Physical treatment by blue light of LED lamp eliminates negative effects which may appear immediately after treatment, such as redness, and minimize them in a way which enables clients to return to their daily activities right after the treatment.


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